The Exhibition took place at Gallery cafe (ANAV) on 4th of May 2015.

Imago (Imago Dei), shortly said speaks of the self. The self not only as a stable quantity or constant form but perhaps mostly as a dynamic process. The ancients saw imago as an active force and the formula reproduces exactly the symbols of the transformational process, the restoration of an original state of wholeness. Alchemists expressed this, through the ouroboros.

The however, is formed from the age of six to twelve, it is the mask we wear. Today, we live in a society where the “excess of persona” is now more important, more promoted than ever. People are encouraged to become identical with their masks because that is how you obtain the empty and conformist kind of people. Most of us get into a state of mind, where we stop reflecting on things, we stop dreaming and we stop being conscious of the fact that we are different from the world we live in. We are special, it’s true; but only because by default no one like us will ever exist, we are our only original product. This places us in a very interesting position. The position of being capable of evolving, being and creating things which will not be found anywhere else in the world. We are actually our own brand and that is why identity is very important. Instead of thinking poorly of ourselves and living just the same, we should invest as much as possible into our growth and development. To bring this more to the idea of identity and to give it a more personal note, I think that the equilibrium is achieved if you find a balance between PERSONA & IMAGO and therefore we should build a persona that gives a face to our real self, our imago.
That is how, you obtain an identity, a well contoured one, which contributes to the creation of your “complete” self. We live in the world of copy and paste. We love to copy and paste so much because it’s so easy to let someone else define you and we do not realize that there is a very fragile line between relating to something and letting it define you. Also, these things are very different from one another. Desperately we want to prove how special and important we are and we easily forget that if we choose carefully what we want to be defined by, if we ask questions, if we reflect on things on a deeper level beyond the superficial surface we will feel the need to customize what we like and what we learn so it would suit our real self and needs.
This process makes us realize that we do not need to prove anyone
anything, because when you see or feel something you’ve never seen or felt before, you immediately notice. You are surprised, fascinated or maybe even disgusted. You notice, because it leaves an impact by default, not because it seeks attention. Remember! You, are the only thing you really, really have; make yourself worth for your own! If you don’t find any worth in yourself, others won’t either, ever! And that brings one of the worst kinds of loneliness, above the one we are already forced to bare. We must stop investing in: attention, commercial, cheap, or horribly expensive, fake copy and paste.

We must start investing in: sharing, exposing, unconventional, priceless, natural and original. Only this will bring creation and evolution, only this will open people’s minds and only this will change things. To this, identity is vital because it speaks in a very understandable way to anyone. At the moment we are stuck in a vicious existential circle. I’m assuming that at least most of us want to break it. If you are among them and don’t know where to start, start with your identity and create one that belongs to you, one that is true.
Thank you Gallery & ANAV for support! Without you this project wouldn’t have been possible.

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