NIGHTLIGHT is a project dedicated to the night (and especially to summer nights). The most accessible, adventurous and comfortable of all. You don’t roam the streets at night, hungry for life in a better way than a night in July.
NIGHTLIGHT speaks to the robot that’s asleep, pleading for the human to remain awake and to enjoy himself. It celebrates freedom, even if sadly, we rarely taste more than it’s tip.
Before night, there is always day. That’s the reason of why the photographs were printed so small (6 cm smallest side). They were made to remind us of the Polaroid photographers which used to photograph people on the beach by day and party by night.
Those pictures were taken in every summer afternoon/night of 2016 and most photographs have symbols or lyrics on them, from different songs. It’s a whole playlist. :)
The party-exhibition took place in El Dictador and the wonderful DJ who helped me expose this project was Ivanna Ravac.

These are the remaining photographs, 85 (now less, but I lost count) out of 184. If you are interested in purchasing, feel free to contact me.

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