Lexis, Thumos  = The language of souls = emotions
You’re a marble man, a woman made of stone.
The sickness of humanity: “Feeling how to not feel”.
“Happy, happy” slaves, your emotions are thunderstorms,
Forces of your nature which you cannot, but must control;
You’ve got left only with numb words in your mouth
The language you speak, has lost it’s meaning
Shadows haunting your mind
What are words, without emotions behind?

You fight your inner demons, but you left them unfed
When you do not live your emotions,
You starve yourself to death.
But permanent are, within the living man
Internal urges, cravings and desires
Trained to repress the wilderness of the soul;
It’s not the soul that’s wild, it’s the mind that’s locked.
You consume and you abuse, external,
Compensation of the chained internal.
The spiritedness, the breath of life
The psyche, burdened by the desire to be recognized
The soul, empty in this cloth of blood and flesh.
Feelings repressed and thoughts humongous,
Another form of manipulation is, shutting down the core.

“Bi-polar” (Hope) - A3, watercolor, colored pens
Double-edged sword, it kills and cuts you open.
It blooms and it lifts you to the sky.
Good or evil, it means danger,
If you use it to change capital lies.

“Death Bed” (Pain) - 50x70, watercolor, pencil, collage, colored pens
The most pure of all the angels, he was born to guard.
The breeder of Spartans, the truth you never want to see,
But if you open your eyes, he can show you the change
You would have never believed to be; elixir of lethality or immortality.
“Maze of Eternity” (Pleasure) - 50x70, coffee, watercolor, colored pens, ink
Orgasm and high,
Coffee and cigarettes,
Summer nights and free days.
Pleasure is what humans live for.

“Self Cannibal” (Hatred) - 20-30x50, watercolor, colored pens
Queen of darkness, Queen of death, you are the embodiment.
The essence of pleasure, the burning desire, the perfection unattainable!
Your will moves mountains and writes symphonies of homicide.
You’re your own demise, behind closed doors, a self cannibal.
“Choice” (Love) - A4,watercolor, pencil, colored pens A4,watercolor, pencil, colored pens
Love is a choice, you unconsciously make.
But nonetheless, love is sacrifice and compromise,
Understanding and communicating, it’s building your life,
All over again and sharing it, with somebody else.
(regardless of the type of love)

“The Beast” (Anger) - 100x70, watercolor
The beast’s embrace, blinded by the hunger of injustice.
A ticking, ticking atomic bomb, blood boiling, wick burning.
The wronged, the shamed, the shredded and dismayed.
Stepping on a tail, an explosive bullet in the back of your head.

“The Warrior” (Courage) - 50x70, markers, colored pens, watercolor, ink
A warrior without a shield,
With heartless aim and honest words.
Who never tries to define,
Who just is, in the hands of life.

“Working Class Hero” (Fear) 100x70, collage, watercolor, colored pens
The numbness inside, 1000 needles in every inch of skin.
The reckoning of the weak, the passing thunder of the strong.
Fear your outsides, you’re a blind spot, a broken vein;
Fear yourself, your own worst enemy, indestructible.
“The World” (Calm) - 50x70, watercolor, colored pens
The calm before the storm,
The peace after the rain.
The equilibrium you regain,
After years of being broken.
“The Nomad” (Happiness), A3, colored pens, watercolor
It’s not only the feeling, that temporary burst of euphoria.
It’s where you’ve been and who you’ve been,
It’s where you are going and who you are becoming.
Breathing everything in, accepting things as they are.
“Loneliness” (Sadness) - A5, watercolor, colored pen
It’s when loneliness kicks in, within a crowd of people.
You mourn, you hide, yourself you can’t revive,
Stuck between dying and letting go;
You’re a ghost, a ghost of your tomorrow.

“Beautiful” (Envy) - A3, watercolor, charcoal, colored pens
A rotten heart, a fixed glare, ice-cold hands and yellow nails.
Muscle puffing with corpus smell, bones crumble under the weight;
Of a heavy gauged flesh, with tar-black teeth and fragile hair.
Corroded by envy, jealousy, the leeches of humanity.
“A Free Spirit” (Wonder/Wander) - A4, watercolor, colored pens
No matter how restrained your body is,
Your spirit can roam free;
And if you wonder and wander enough,
Your feet shall in the end walk, where your soul has.
“Human Waste” (Disgust) - A4, colored pens, watercolor
It’s the face you make, the face of disgrace.
The bitter taste between your gums.
I drew you a map, a map of disgust,
Of human waste, makes me want to euthanize!
“The Sinner” (Desire) - A5, colored pens, markers
Desire is where you begin; the high that takes you higher.
The reckless, the mad, the liberated and the sad.
Listen, listen (desire)! The parasite crawling on the tip of your tongue,
The fuel you need, to escape this paradisal prison.

“Home” (Nostalgia) - A5, watercolor, colored pens
When you see the best in your darkest days;
When you miss the memory of that pain, not the moment.
Nostalgia brings clearness if you don’t fall into the pit of grief,
You can finally learn, what you were meant to hear.

“The Hunger” (Mercy) - A5, colored pens, pencil
Not everyone is meant to be saved.
Pity is an illusion, it makes you a blind messiah.
Get over your selfish compassion and rejoice,
Learn who to put out of misery and who to help reborn.

“Vanity” (Surprise) - A4, watercolor, markers, colored pens
Look in the mirror, take a strong look, face what you believe!
Get out of this loop, it will hit you first when you become real.
It tingles your organs and trembles your hands,
When you wake from the Matrix and realize you have nothing left.
*those are real mirror pieces, so if you look at the real drawing, you will see yourself*

“Manipulation” (Shame) - A5, watercolor, colored pens, ink
A knot in your neck, are you embarrassed enough yet?
The feels of manipulation, the inhibitory system,
The more ashamed you are of yourself,
The lower on the evolutionary scale you get.

“The Queen” (Pride) - 50x70, watercolor, colored pens, ink
Wear your skin like a trophy; polish it every day,
Only with motives, or it will scar your brain.
Pride works like hate in a way, it eats your eyes, your senses
And replaces them with its own, that’s when you become blind.

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