Art Yourself Gallery invited me to exhibit some of my works at Art Safari 2016 with Cristian Roncea, as part of their “Young artists” project. View the photographs here.
Although, more works were available to whom was interested in purchasing.
Creations become art if they stick to your memory because of the feelings they awaken within you. They tear down walls and talk to your honesty, to your naked, unmasked self. I wish to acquire as much human experience as possible, through creating and through self in the rawest of forms.
I’m not interested in contributing to utopias, but rather, I crave to know the dystopia which created them. I search for what is unsaid, unwanted, personal and isolated, which bends laws that transform us into puppets because all things which are afraid to be said are a form of human honesty.
Thank you, Art Yourself Gallery for this opportunity!

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